Client relationships

[two_third]Our Perspective
A strong collaboration between our two companies is the best method for creating strong results. While we have extensive experience in developing branding and communication solutions, our clients’ unique understanding of their business is a crucial component to the success of any job. Therefore, we encourage active collaboration during every project.

The Right Fit
Part of our job is making sure that we embark on partnerships that have the best chance at being successful. How do we do that? We make sure that we are a good fit for you before we make any promises… just like dating, it’s easier to find out earlier, rather than later. We do this by starting with a few simple questions about your decision making processes, your experience in working with firms such as ours, your budget and payment procedures, and your expectations of us. Ensuring a common understanding up front is key to a successful and productive relationship over time.

Another important element of a successful partnership is a respect of each other’s point of view. You are hiring us for our expertise, and it’s important that we give you our honest, professional and informed point-of-view. We would be doing you a disservice to down-play our opinions if they are in your best interest – even if they might not initially align with your assumptions.

Our Standards
We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence and quality.
We take pride in our work and the recognition it has received within the industry. We also adhere to the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Standards of Professional Practice. What does that mean to you? Simply put, we operate our business ethically and follow industry standards. We treat our clients, partners and vendors with respect and ask for the same in return.

A note regarding speculative work…
One issue on which both the AIGA and the professional design community take a strong stance is that of Speculative Work. As creative professionals, we will not participate in speculative presentations (i.e., spec work). Successful design requires an investment in time and thinking to appropriately research the client, the competitive landscape and the audience for the project. In turn, that requires an investment of resources from the client to compensate us for our thinking, our expertise and our time.

Client Access
We value your time as well as our own, and as such, we conduct business in the most efficient means possible. Our experience has proven that the best outcomes are reached by having all key decision-makers engaged throughout the entire creative process – from the proposal through project completion. This mutual commitment ultimately saves both parties time and money and ensures that a project will be completed on time and within budget.

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